Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Ode to My Dad by Megan Carlson by Megan Carlson

tell me, what's the point of having ears
if you refuse to listen?
it's like a nuclear explosion
when you witness two dudes kissin'
but you don't even try to understand
instead, you just keep on dissin'
the ability to see through the fog of your
is the one thing that you're missin'
tell me, why can't you just open your mind?
are you afraid you'd find
that it's fallen out?
or are you afraid to find
that what you've been led to believe
is not what it's all about?
"black and white"
"right and wrong"
"women and men"
"heaven and hell"
well i'm here to tell
that what i say
is true
there are a million shades of gray
out there
and every one of them is meaningful
but you don't even care
no, you're never wrong
as far as you're concerned
but you know, it's okay to be wrong sometimes
'cause that's how you learn
but no, you're still stuck
in the 1950's
that must be why
you can't remember the 60's
remember the change
remember the community
remember how they'd jump
at the opportunity
to grow
to evolve
to progress
i must confess
that my life sometimes too
is a mess
but at least i can admit it
which is a hell of a lot more
than i can say for you
i hope someday you can let go
of this narrow-minded view,
this so-called reality
where it's all right to judge me
judge my life
just 'cause i want a wife
instead of a man
as for me,
i will NEVER understand
why it's okay to judge someone
as long as God gets all the credit
tell me, is that really what God said?
or is it the God you edit?
if you expect me to change,
well, you can just forget it
'cause this is how God made me
and i KNOW that He meant it
when He said "whosoever..."
when He said "do unto others..."
i'm pretty sure that includes
all my sisters and my brothers
i'm pretty sure He never intended
for the literal interpretations to start
'cause you know, not everyone who hears that message
has a good heart
remember Matthew Shepard?
and all the similar cases?
do you remember their names?
do you remember their faces?
do you remember how they suffered?
well, their blood is on your hands too
'cause everytime you say,
"well, this is what God expects us to do"
someone takes it too far
and we lose another one
another son
another daughter
another mother
another father
and i'm tired
i'm tired of your ignorance
i'm tired of your ignorance and your lies
ruining me and my friends lives
there's a vail over your eyes in the form of a book
i dare you to someday put it down and take a look
take a good look at the world
and how we're in this state
where people openly and unfairly
and use the bible to justify their own hate
please tell me that it's not too late
to accept the beauty
of humanity
and accept the fact
that love
is not
a sin.


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