Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Subject: India calling

From: gay_bombay@yahoogroups

Hi kari,

The Indian Penal Code 377 still outlaws anal penetration as punishable with upto life in prison.There are no supplementary laws which recognise same sex relationships in any form,which by default allows the law to penalise homosexuality per se. It is chillingly obvious how seriously this law violates the human righs of approx 20 million LGBTpeople who live in India. A small group of informed activists are trying to make their voice heard.Ingrained misinformed social prejudice from a culture steeped in centuries of hypocritical values,
make the battle that much harder.

We need all the help we can get.It is only by concerted and organised effort that we can soon join the comily of nations that recognise our rights.

Please stay in touch with the group,and by publicising our efforts you are making a big contribution.

Thank you for caring



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