Saturday, October 02, 2004

a letter to the editor...

below is a letter I wrote in response to Richfield teen charged with attempted murderand here

Please send a letter to Dear Editor, about this thoughtless reporting

Dear Editor,

Concerning your article on October 2, 2004, by Pat Doyle, "Richfield teen charged with attempted murder"

There seems to be some major acts of ignorance and thoughtlessness in this article by Pat Doyle.

1. the victim who Pat Doyle labeled "a transvestite prostitute," who supposedly got it from "Police and court records," which goes on to state this individual, this female had a criminal record for "prostitution and loitering and received a stayed jail sentence in July for prostitution."

So, the question would be, what do the police in your community know of the difference between; transgender, transvestite and transsexual. I would take it none! And is it the reporters place to defer all knowledge and reporting to the police in labeling humans. it is a known fact that police are aggressive in their labeling, and that is backed by criminal code and pathological behavior models that are usually outdate, not an understanding of the diversity of humanity. basicly are to you labeled a "bad" person, so they can arrest you. not how to understand individuals.

and I am sure you know in most cases, many Transfemales cannot afford surgery or can get good jobs; they are reduced to prostitution, just like the history of woman in society. and just because this individual may or may not have had a penis does not make them a transvestite or male.

also, your are speaking here of a victim, who you further victimize by using overt prejudicial and discriminatory language. Is there a reason to know a history of some one who was shot, or is it you slight of hand, back handed way of justify it? very poor journalism.

2. the victim was 19, the alleged shooter was 16, what makes one a man and one a boy?

or is it in this case, more apprehensible for a "man" to be cross-dressed, or to be transgender, then a boy. the way you wrote this creates a vast power differential i.e, boy over man... it sound like "the boy" had to protect himself from the terrible deviant prostitute with a criminal record." come on, there's only three years apart in age...

please, clean up your reporting, get some training on gender diversity, and stop victimizing females.

kari edwards
San Francisco, CA


Blogger PuNiShEr said...

Hello. I know it seems weird, but I am the original person who started all this in Minneapolis. Tameka is the person who they victimized. When I held the community meeting to talk about this and invited the Star Tribune, it was not to talk about the shooting. It was to talk about the community getting together and their ideas on this unfortunate act of aggression. I myself am a GLBT youth with much concern and compassion and have known of Tameka for about 2 years. Sadly I was not close friends with her. I am very appalled at what Pat Doyle has written, and I assure you I will not let him get away with his misjudgement and ignorance. Thank you for your concern and other's as well as we move forward from this. Please if you feel the need, please contact me via email if you want to become part of the huge team I have built working on this issue. or you can call District 202 in Minneapolis, MN at 612-871-5559 and ask for Ben.
Once again Thank you for your support.

9:08 AM  

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