Friday, April 29, 2005

From: LGBTNepal -'After that I became a whore' : Rani

This statement of Rani-16, a female sex worker of Thamel. Prior she worked as an employee in a massage parlor and was very honest to her work . While on her duty, police arrested her from the parlor where she used to support to her survival. They kept her at Hanuman Dhoka custody and they misbehave frequently. The incident was happened before two months.

"I was compelled to have sex with those policemen in side the custody day by day " she stated.

They used her sexually. "I was simply appointed for my sincere job and respected my work but I was sexually abused by those vultures repeatedly for 7 days. Till those days I was just a massage parlor worker. Nobody had shared my body. When they freed me I was penniless and had no money for bread. After that I forced to be a sex worker, a pure whore, that worked just for money" she said.When I asked about HIV/AIDS, she explained about not using condom in any sexual act till the day and also promised not using anything. She wants to spread AIDS among the police forced who made her a whore from a simple massage parlor worker." I want to spread the diseases among those groups who ruined my beautiful life" she determined herself.

This conversation was with a female sex worker while me attending a Meeting with one of BCC organization .She came to know that she was infected by STI.

From this conversation, we notice meties, many people, women and children compelled to be a sex worker from the same state own security forces. It is the tragedy of ours that the same Rakshak has became Vakshak in our country. It is the climax to raise voices against the same groups to protect ourselves. Otherwise lots of Ranis'will born in our country.

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