Friday, June 17, 2005

From: LBGT Napal: Peer Educator beaten, Difficult to carry out HIV

I am writing to express grave concern that our members and staff are continually abused physically. Yesterday one of our Meti (effeminate male) peer educator, 25, name "Burkunchhi" was beaten on his face on her way back home at Baudha, Chabahil , Katmandu on 16th June 2005 around 8PM.

While Burkunchhi was walking after her filed work, at Chabahil she was approached by 4 men, on a ordinary getup, asked her to come with them for sex,  and took her to a near by isolated place. Burkunchhi refused to go with them further fearing to be raped. Suddenly one of the men hit her face by a stone while other started kicking her.

She fell down unconscious. When she wake up the 4 men were gone and she barely made home.

She came to Blue Diamond Society next morning, today, for support. She has been taken to the hospital and she is still in a critical condition, especially her left eye has been damaged badly, She has to be in the hospital for few days. She is bleeding while coughing.

This not the isolated case but a pattern of repeating atrocities against sexual minorities in Nepal. Blue Diamond Society denounce such kind of degrading cruel inhumane behavior and call your support to demand for an immediate end of such atrociteis so that we can carry HIV education programs smoothely.

Sunil B Pant
Blue Diamond Society


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