Wednesday, July 20, 2005

From [lgbt-india] - a HIV+ Meti (effeminate male) has been denied medical testament

Dear All

I am writing this letter with grave concern to inform you about a HIV+ Meti (effeminate male) who has been denied medical testament from the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, one of the major government hospitals in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. The Meti had previously been hospitalised in an Ayurvedic hospital after she had suffered from jaundice last month. While being treated, an x-ray report revealed that she had gallbladder stones. She was referred to the TU Teaching Hospital on 28 June 2005 and checked by Dr. Pradeep Baidhya and Dr. Y. P. Singh from Unit II B.

The doctors carried out an endoscopy and concluded that there was a 90% chance of her carrying stones inside her gallbladder. The doctors then suggested carrying out a PTC, but before this, they tested her for HIV. After they found the Meti was HIV+ they refused to do the PTC and provided no further follow up treatment for her.

I am now thinking what to do? Where on earth is the poor Meti to go to find a doctor who is prepared to treat her?

This is the reality of what is happening in one of the best hospitals in Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital!! This not an isolated case. With HIV+ people it is still common practice in many hospitals and with doctors in Nepal. I am scared to think what is happening in other cities and rural areas of Nepal!!!!!

Sunil B Pant
Blue Diamond Society


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