Monday, August 29, 2005

Discrimination against Metis in Butwal, Nepal from:[LGBTNepal]

1.) A Meti (effeminate male) expelled from work place

After 3 years of work as a care taker (8 hours per day, making tea for the senior staff, cleaning the hospital and toilets, sheets and Dr's uniforms) at Universal college of Medical Science (A kind teaching hospital) in Rani Gaun, Bhairhwa, Nepal, Chhottki (Sahabuddhin Phakir, A Muslim Meti) was expelled a year and half ago after the hospital management find out about Chhottki being Meti. She used to earn 2100 Re per month (equivalent of 30US$).

After that her family also excluded her from home.

Now she is working with Blue Diamond Society's care and support center, Butwal, Nepal, Funded by Elton John Foundtaion.

2) Metis were abused and cheated by police in Butwal again.

Around early march 2005, A group of police from Elaka Police Station near Hat Bazzar, Butwal arrested 5 Metis, after Paradise Hotel called the police after the hotel staff found out that five people men were Metis (Bhumika, Kiran, Ajay, Bablu and Keshari). First the hotel tried to raise the hotel price for the Metis, When the Metis disagree with that the Hotel owner started shouting to the Metis with bad names and called the police.

When the police came to the hotel they didn't listen the Metis but arrested after they listened only to the Hotel owner. Then The Metis were forced to paid 500Rs to the hotel that was for nothing and Police took them to the Lumbini Zone Hospital for forensics and medial tests and took their personal details there.

Then the police took all the Metis to Elaka Police Station, Near Hat Bazzar, Butwal saying they would be released the next day. Then the police asked about Blue Diamond Society (BDS); how much money BDS receives from the donors and from where BDS get donations, How much money the Metis gets for Butwal project, etc!!!

The Police beat all the Metis while they were in the custody.

Then after two days in police custody the police asked 8000Rs (about 115 US$) for Bail money, no body had that much big money with them. Then Police spotted a Meti wearing a gold chain. Then the police arranged to exchange the gold chain with 8000RS and released all the Metis. The Metis were not given any receipt/paper of the Bail Money that charged by the police and no further legal procedures has been done since then.

The gold Chain, a Meti claimed, worth about 12000RS.

Blue Diamond Society is very concern of the discriminating, abuse, blackmailing and cheating by the Police and other parties and demand to an immediate end of such discrimination, abuse, blackmailing and cheating from all sides. We also demand an immediate and thorough investigation of the Police from Elaka Police Station, Butwal and of the Universal College of Medical Science, Butwal for the discriminatory and unjust act they have committed and bring the perpetrator to justice.

Sunil B Pant
Blue Diamond Society


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