Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Nepal LGBT Freedom Charter (From LGBT - Nepal_

We, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people of Nepal, recognize the importance of democracy, equality and human rights in our country. With the support of our human rights allies in Nepal and worldwide, we call for the following human rights reforms as part of the struggle for a free and democratic Nepal:

1) Comprehensive hate-crime laws to protect all Nepalese, including women, LGBTs and people with HIV

2) Strengthen and enforce the laws against incitement to violence and murder, including incitements to assault and kill LGBTs

3) Outlaw incitement to hatred against all vulnerable social groups, including women, the disabled, religious minorities, LGBTs and people with HIV

4) Police training in human rights issues, including challenging sexism and homophobia and ensuring police awareness of, and sensitivity to, women's, LGBT and HIV issues

5) The monitoring and recording of all hate crimes, including hate crimes against women and LGBTs

6) Education in human rights as part of the school curriculum, including understanding and respect for racial, religious, gender and sexual diversity

7) Awareness training in LGBT issues for all trainee medical staff and teachers to ensure sympathetic and non-discriminatory treatment for all patients and pupils, regardless of sexuality and HIV status

8) Legalisation of same-sex relations between consenting adults, to end the criminalisation and harassment of LGBT people.

9) Outlawing of the rape of a male/transgender to protect against sexual exploitation and harassment.

10) The legal right of Nepalese to form associations to promote understanding, acceptance and the human rights of LGBT people.

11) We condemn the repressive use of police and military power against the people of Nepal, including detention without trial, torture and the disappearance of dissenters.

12) We oppose the suppression of Nepali voluntary and civic associations, human rights activists, labour unions, and the press.

13) We call for a democratic government, which respects the human rights of all the people of Nepal.

In solidarity

Sunil B Pant
Blue Diamond Society


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