Friday, January 13, 2006

From: [LGBTNepal] why hard To trust own brother

you know two things we have one we have mind, brain work logically, we have heart soul it work sensatively. u can talk by mind or u can talk by soul depend upon you. I am one down of earth person. In my life so many desister happen. but i still keeping faith faith faith to lord. God say I have plan for prosperity not desister. dear so many fish in ocean u will hard to cach real dolfin...... city being so poluted. fresh n real friends hard to find... bellions of people. dear one day we all die. people shy and scred to be gay.. they just choose beautiful guy handsome guy. who drive car they need preaty bodey bulder. rich people say i am this n that in talk. but reality diffreant. if all gay doing like it. if most of guy doing like when we will get right??????? internet is vertual world. not use it for misused for gay homo, lesbian, streat, queer, what ever you preasnt either you are top, either you are master, either you are slave, either you are bottom either you are versitile, either you night qween, what ever. we are in asia. we know we have so many organization, we have so many help line, who is there they will try but job only 30 to 40 % every bodey need sucess, every bodey need fun every bodey need satisfication, who need fredom???????????? who need sare of their sorrow??????????? who need healp????????????? there is interwivew from human right, unisco,undp, so n so... there is so many seminar, there is so many table talk??????? there is so many meeting why not able to accept all idea?????? who able to invite you????????? who able to listen your voice.... either you are poor , either you are rich, we are all brother we are all sister we are all friends why looking face .... why hard to look heart?????? why cheating each other, why shy and hegiatate to tell fact n reality. yes we have presser of society, we have presser of culture, we have own family, job economic presser. if we dominate eachother. who listen our voice????????? so many book in market??????? who read it???????? so many web site?????? why we are not able to show posative for society???? why people missused gay website. why people think only sex game??????? why people think sex is trade?????? why forget love why forget love, why misunderstand, where is humanities,where is faith and support, where is courage??????

I say franctly here is very hard to trust one brother one friend to other friend. here is no humanities. either goverment falt or our falt. some time matti ariested, some time mattie hit the police. some time event in Nepal, some time voilance in lakhanow. May be soon some where ?????? why it happen why it happen????? why comersilize for our sexuality......???? why polish harashment always whose falt????????? we have no knowledge. or we are not get proper counsuling. or we just die for sex sex sex???????? what is reson behand???????

who ever you are Big posation or small posation?? either you are director of trust or organization please try to show real brother relation real humanities. please don't try to name and fame. every one start to take responsibility. what can i do from my side????????? any one will able to listen My voice?????? voice may be small but it sake the world. simple exeample of ant and elephant. one small ant able to kill the elephant.


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