Saturday, April 01, 2006

13-year-old child allegedly murdered in Mahotari district, southwest from Kathmandu, Nepal after his father can't stop him from being a transgender.

Thirteen-year-old Rupesh Mandal from Agileshore VDC, Mahotari studying is class 8 was found dead inside his room by his mother early in the morning of 30th March 2006. Tapeshore Mandel, father of Rupesh, abused him two months ago when he found that Rupesh had been visiting Blue Diamond Society's (BDS) Drop in centre in Janakpur (two hours from their village) with her transgender friend from the same village. He kicked her out of the family home. Later, Rupesh rejoined the family saying she would stop going to BDS. But his father continued to abuse and assault Rupesh in an attempt to stop her from being transgender. However, it was not possible for Rupesh to change from what she was.

Neighbours and other transgender stated that Rupesh's father called his son "hijra" and that if he didn't stop being "hijra" he would kill his son.

On 29th March 2006, Rupesh was again verbally abused by his father in front of his transgender friend. His father repeatedly talked about killing Rupesh.

The next morning, Rupesh was dead.

On hearing of the death, villagers rushed to the house and suggested to cremate Rupesh's body quickly before the police found out about the incident. Another Meti, a friend of Rupesh, heard the terrible news and ran to BDS office in Janakpur and called Pradip, the Coordinator, for help.

Pradip rushed to the scene and talked to villagers and to Rupesh's father who was saying "We had a quarrel last night and Rupesh took poison and killed himself". Pradip asked that the body not be cremated before the police had been informed. Police from Jaleshore VDC station arrived later that morning and took the body for post mortem. The post mortem report indicated that no poison had been taken but instead suggested that Rupesh had been suffocated.

BDS team and members are deeply shocked, sadden and terrified by this terrible incident involving a 13-year-old child just for being transgender.

BDS demands a proper investigation and justice so that such an incident may never be repeated again.

Sunil Pant
Blue Diamond Society

Other news in brief:
27 Metis (cross dressing affeminate males) arrested on

13 March has been released on bail on 29th March 2006.

3 Metis are still in detention and assaulted and beaten by police inside the police station at Hanuman Dhoka.

Police has prepared to charge on Public offence again and keeping for at least 10 days for investigation.


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