Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Protest program by Blue Diamond Society against the current autocracy in Nepal.

With the support from National and International communities and all the civil societies, minority groups, socially deprived/marginalized communities, political parties, business organizations and general public are involving and demonstrating against the current autocratic government and king to restore the absolute democracy. 'Blue Diamond Society'- family members and staffs would like to express our hearty solidarity and joins the protest/agitations for this historic Democratic movement in Nepal. Blue Diamond Society also would like to donate Rs. 10,000 for the treatment of the victims of brutal oppression by the state security force and Rs. 5000 from Blue Diamond Society's women-project for women attracted to women – “Mitini Nepal” strictly for the treatment of women victims during the agitation. Blue Diamond Society would like to announce the following activities to support to the ongoing protest.

- 2063/1/3 (19 April 2006) – Protest by wearing black hand bands symbolizing the protesting
againsgt autocracy, current governmnet of Nepal.

- 2063/1/7 (20 April 2006)- Participation in the protest rallies/agtitaion.

In solidarity

Sunil B Pant