Monday, November 27, 2006

A Metis Birthday celebration turned into death ceremony, it may not be just an unfortunate tragedy

On the eve of 25th November, Nima a Metii (cross-dressing effeminate male, age about 25 years), who celebrated her birthday with few friends and friend's of friends in kumarigal near Baudha in Kathmandu, died yesterday afternoon around 2 PM, 25th November, at the Teaching Hospital. The hospital told that Nima died with "methyl" that may have contained at the alcohol they drank in the 25th Night. Nima was rushed to the hospital just before 2 mp after started vomiting, the doctors at the emergency unit told that it was too late and Nima died soon after. Then at the evening other people who were at the party and drunk same alcohol started getting sick and rushed to the teaching hospital and were cared for methyl. They were treated by ethyl agent to neutralized methyl. 3 Metis were released yesterday after the treatment, 6 others were in serious condition and teaching hospital told us to look for other hospital as the condition may get worse and need ICU support.

It may look an unfortunate incident but after knowing that two children came and sold the "cheap and best" alcohol to the Métis that contained Methyl makes the case mysterious and may have linked with 24rd nights attack against Metis by 4 men who called themselves "Maoist" in Lazimpat, Katmandu, we came to know that the house owner in Lazimpat called the Durbar Marg Police station while Metis were looted by these 4 men but the police never turned up.

There was a police for a while, keeping Nima's blood report, disappeared after other metis started getting sick.

Blue Diamond Society and its branch offices and staffs also received few threat calls of burning down Blue Diamond Society's office in recent days.

This is a matter of grave concern and Métis are feeling extremely unsecured. We demand the police to take through investigation find the source of the Methyl alcohol that was sold to the Métis by two children.

We call your support and solidarity in this crisis.

Sunil Pant
Blue Diamond Society


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