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*Rally among Discrimination of Transgender Kokila on 18th October 2006 -**Pondicherry,India.*

One Transgender named Kokila age 32 was suffering from abdominalpain and was admitted in Female surgical emergency ward at G.H Pondicherry. She was advised to have an operation. She was also found that she was HIV positive. The nurses attending on kokila asked her to lift her saree show her "sex organ" – if male or female. Then she was allowed to sleep on the floor. She asked a blanket for her use and was scolded as "Transgender like you, can do without any comfort. And the doctor threw the case sheet in her face and she threw her out of the room cursing her and warning her never to step again into G.H.

Being a Transgender, Kokila is also a human like any others; shehas all rights in the society, to have proper treatment when in ill. The doctors who have to save lives behaved in this manner. Then how can one expect the general people to be kind to Aravanis.

"Sahodaran", a CBO working in the field of prevention forSTD\HIV\AIDS in Pondicherry conducted a massive rally on this issue to show the opposition to such insult and violation of rights and to show the unity of MSM people and the T.G of all over Tamil Nadu and Pondy. They invited all the organization all over Tamil Nadu and Pondy.

* *"FMSASHP" *Federation for Male Social And Sexual HealthProgramme* is formed at Trichy by the CBO`s in Tamil Nadu. It has nearly 21CBO`s as the members in it. Out of it 15 were registered and the remaining was in process. All over Tamil Nadu, the CBO is willing to show their opposition for this Kokila matter. They formed under FMSASHP and arranged a bus and took part in the rally on 18th Oct 2006, at Pondy. Nearly 13 CBO`s from FMSASHP participated in it. From this 13 CBO`s nearly 70 MSM people and Transgender participated and showed their protest against Pondy Government.

With regard to this issue the rally starts from in front of Forest Department on and passes thru Subbiah square – Anna Square – Anna Salai – Nehru Street – Mission Street – General Hospital and closing stage at Gandhi Thidal on 18th October 2006, between 11.30 am to 1.00 pm. About 350 MSM Peoples, Aravanis, CBOs, and NGOs participated from all over Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.

They shouted slogans against Pondicherry Government and Hospital Officials to take immediate action. They also demanded their basic rights. The Inspector of Police Mr. Saravanan negotiated the mass. Mr. Ganesh, Project Manager, Sahodaran Pondy, explained the issue and their demands to the officials.

At the end of the rally Mr. Ganesh, Project Manager, Sahodaran Pondy, Mr. Jaya Kumar, Secretary, FMSASHP Trichy, Mr. Killivalavan Human Rights Activist, Pondy, Ms. Aasha Bharathi, Director, THAA Chennai, Ms.Priya Babu, Director, Sudar Foundation Kanchepuram, met the Chief Minister and handed over a memorandum. The Chief Minister Mr. Rengasamy took immediate action at the spot for immediate enquiry.

Organizations attended:

- THAA [CBO] Chennai
- Sudar Foundation [CBO] Kancheepuram
- Sahodaran [CBO] Chennai
- Sahodaran [CBO] Pondicherry
- Sahodaran [CBO] Karaikal
- Lotus [CBO] Kumbakonam
- MCDS [CBO] Chennai
- PNP+ [CBO] Pondicherry
- READ [NGO] Cuddalore
- Villupuram Aravanigal Association [CBO] Villupuram


- SWAM [CBO] Chennai
- Snegyitham [CBO] Tiruchirapalli
- Naam [CBO] Dindigul
- Friends [CBO] Tanjore
- Nesam [CBO] Coimbatore
- Udayam [CBO] Pudukkotai
- MSMS [CBO] Erode
- Wheel [CBO] Karur
- Gokulam [CBO] Madurai
- Bright [CBO] Ramanadhapuram
- CARE [CBO] Theni
- ADAMS [CBO] Salem
- Pasam [CBO] Cuddalore

Mr. Jaya Kumar, secretary, snegyitham request every reader of this
email to send a response email to
sahodaran_pondy@ sifymail. com, snegyitham@yahoo. com.

As a solidarity measure,

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Park View Road,
Anna Nagar, Tennur,
Tiruchirapalli- 620 017.
Tamil Nadu, India.
Ph: +91 (0) 431 2794719.


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