Sunday, October 03, 2004

thank you Queer day

I want to personally acknowledge the folkz at, (a queer news source that inspired me to action, thank you) for creating an opening for a dialogue, though virtual, non-the-less a dialogue.

In their original listing of Richfield teen charged with attempted murder
, Queerday headlined it as "Gay sexual encounter leads to shooting; 16 year old arrested," and then went on to reiterated pretty much verbatim some of the thoughtlessness of news article ..

I sent off a curt note, along with my a letter to the editor.. . they have since changed the head line Sexual encounter leads to shooting; 16-year-old arrested and rewrote the lead in paragraph... so thank you..

they also mentioned my note I sent them and though that was not necessary, I want to thank you (them) for that...

but my point being, this is an example of how we can grow as a community... tempers may flare, but it is always with the intention of making a difference and working for a more humane world..

thank you Queer day thank you


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