Sunday, March 20, 2005

[LGBTNepal] Sexual Minorities: Fearing the Holocaust of Genocide In Nepal

In Nepal, these days' sexual minorities fear the holocaust of genocide from governments and security forces since the emergency was announced from1st February. Security forces, these days, treating, especially, to sexual minorities as non-human beings-more than wild animals. They threat and make harass, rape, abuse sexually as well as psychologically.

The recent scenario, after holding the major power of country by security forces, are acting as superman that could do everything. There is no(thing?) to hold them.

In the name of maintaining security in society, they intentionally used to abuse sexual minorities-especially MSMs.The accident that took place, before one week at Kupandool Bridge proved that fact. While two METIES were returning form their office to their room vie taxi, the armed forced, while checking all vehicles at that bridge to Kupandool, let others to go, after checking but to these meties, to whom they knew already, and by force took them under the bridge and raped them turn by turn by 6 armed forced.They are so brutal and dirty that they forced them to suck their dirty .stinking penisas rotten meat,bad smelling asif never bath in their life. After fulfilling their passion and seizing their wallet too, they let them to go with threatening to not to disclose that entire event. Otherwise, if they disclose it, they will not let them to live easily.

So, after that, sexual minorities like us, are fearing the holocaust of genocide from the activates of governments and securities forces. They can do what ever they like. Some time threaten to cut hair or some time demand for sex .If refuse, threten to arrest on the charge of violating the social security and if accept, treate as if animals. So I would like to appeal to all Human right defender and social intellectuals groups to secure our social positions.

Human Right Defender.